The implementation process is designed to put into effect the agreed upon work plan that is developed taking into consideration the client’s needs. The implementation process may involve the setting up of Client Chart of Accounts, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory Setup while additional setups such as Procurement, POS and Voucher Management among others are also done. Thereafter, we create user accounts and user access rights based on their respective roles in the client’s business e.g. Accountant rights. We endeavor to leave our clients processing live and therefore assist in loading of opening balances as at close of the client’s last financial period.


At Timecon, we recognize that employee skills and knowledge are important for the effective output of organizations and therefore offer specialized training that is focused on the client’s live data processing needs such as Posting Invoices, Cashbook Transactions, Journals, Reconciliation and Report Generation among others. We eventually oversee a Live Data run to start off the client. Training is done once the implementation process is completed and the client confirms the imputed opening balances.


Our support services are designed to provide our clients with qualified technical assistance which consists of: provision of continuous software updates, isolation and rectification of faults such as software problems, data integrity issues and technical difficulties in running application processes and procedures. In addition, we assist with year end procedures, audit adjustments among other support based services that may be requested.


Our integration services ensure that smooth transition by combining two systems to make a unified system with holistic reports. This service spans from integration with various POS systems to integration with statutory bodies (such as KRA’s i-Tax) to generating customized reports.