At Timecon we understand the value of community beginning at the very heart of our business; our employees. We believe in nurturing our team members towards unlocking their full potential through continuous training, development and exposure. Working at Timecon means being part of a team that is at the forefront of contributing towards the deployment of products and services that assist our clients make their business processes more efficient. If you are looking for a career that offers a challenging opportunity for you to continuously develop solutions for businesses, the organization and yourself, we hope that you consider Timecon.


Timecon’s culture is built upon and guided by our core values that define our day to day interactions with our team members, clients and society.

Team spirit and leadership

Work in an environment that encourages you to develop the necessary skills to not only achieve success in a team but enable you to successfully develop and lead a team.

Communication and Organization

Work in an organization that develops your ability to communicate clearly at all levels and nurture your ability to take control and manage your time and that of your team effectively.


Business Software Consultant

Purpose of Business Software Consultant

The Business Software Consultant will be charged with developing and maintaining an up-to-date knowledge base on the organization’s Software Products and use this knowledge to analyze and give advice to Clients on how to manage their Operations in a more efficient manner.

Suitable for individuals who have a background in accounting (relevant CPA qualification) and a business-related field; the position entails closely working with businesses and their stakeholders to identify and solve operational based problems. The ability and drive to work efficiently in teams and individually is key.

The Business Software Consultant shall report to the Senior Consultants.


The Business Software Consultant shall be charged with the following roles:

  1. Product Knowledge

Gain and maintain adequate knowledge on the operation of all Software Products that the organization deals in including any other Software Products that the organization may deem fit to uptake.

  1. Training

Continually improve on the knowledge base through gaining and disseminating relevant information through carrying out of the following activities:

  • Continually gain and maintain excellent Software Product Knowledge
  • Keeping up to date with new and upcoming features on the Software Products
  • Attending monthly technical training
  • Achieving 8 hours E-Learning every month
  1. Communication and Reporting

Facilitate continuous flow of all relevant Client information from the technical team to the rest of the organization.

  1. Technical Duties

Functional output of the gained Practical Knowledge to the benefit of the Clients. This will entail:

  • Implementing Software Products at allocated Client sites
  • Training Clients on the efficient operation of the selected Software Product
  • Remote assistance of Clients via available remote application
  • Proper Maintenance of assigned Staff Tools and ensuring they are preloaded with up-to-date information
  1. Appraisal

Ensure that the employee appraisal program runs efficiently through fulfilling of the following functions:

  • Maintaining and Filing of up-to-date Weekly Timesheets
  • Attending of Biannual reviews
  • Attending of all Team Appraisal Programs

Skills & Competences:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business related course.
  2. At least CPA 2.
  3. Strong leadership and decision-making ability.
  4. Excellent organization & ability to coordinate.
  5. Analytical, self-driven and initiative.
  6. Team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.     


If you fit the above qualifications, submit your application and cover letter on or before 16th March 2018